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”Release The Ultimate Symbol Of Love”

Our Wedding Doves symbolize a number of romantic gestures. For example they can reflect your commitment to each other forever, mirroring how once our white doves are together, they stay together for the rest of their lives.

Let Doves with Loves take care of your special day, by releasing doves as you are pronounced husband and wife and about to spend a lifetime of happiness together.

Doves released at Wedding

Because it is your special day, we at Doves with Loves want you to have the best possible experience – one that you will never forget. As everybody’s day is different, we tailor our service to meet your exact needs, working with you at all times to ensure we provide the best package for your special day.

We will work closely with you and your wedding co-ordinator to achieve a flawless dove release that fully caters to your request.

At Doves with Loves we will offer help and advice at every stage of the process in order to create the perfect release. We will ensure that all your guests and photographer have the opportunity to capture this special moment and our representative will be there to assist throughout the release of the doves.

We offer 3 wedding dove release options which are detailed below:

The Happy Couple (2 doves released)

After the completion of the ceremony, the bride and groom will either release by hand, or from a decorative dove cage, a pair of pure white doves to symbolise the beginning of their life’s journey together.

We can have the white doves on display before the wedding ceremony, so your guests can admire them, or arrive whilst the ceremony is taking place, and release the doves at it’s conclusion.

The Couple and Family (2 doves plus 1-4 extra doves released)

As described above, but with the addition of 1-4 extra doves to symbolise close family members helping to give the happy couple their perfect start to their married life together.

Bespoke Package (6+ dove release)

Over the years, Doves with Loves have assisted in many different releases. We are happy to cater for any request and will be more than happy to offer our extensive advice to design a package that will meet all your wedding day requirements.

Please contact us for further information.

Whilst the above details our range of set wedding dove release packages, Doves with Loves will be happy to discuss any special requirements that you may have in order to achieve the perfect moment for you. Please contact us for further details.