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Here at Doves with Loves, not only do we pride ourselves on our professional dove release packages, but we also have doves for sale.

Looking for Doves for Sale?

Every bird lover knows, that doves can be the most rewarding bird of all, and we can get your dove keeping hobby started with any of our doves for sale.

If you’re looking to purchase doves from anyone in the UK, then please speak to us first, we have been breeding doves for many years and all of our doves are kept clean and in immaculate condition.

Tips when looking for doves for sale.

  1. If you find someone who has doves for sale, there are a few tips you need to look out for first;
  2. Go to the breeders premises, what are the dovecote and bird house conditions like.
  3. How many doves for sale do they have, check the other doves including the mother if she is still housed.
  4. What price are the doves for sale, if they are really cheap, why? You should always question if the sellers doves are very cheap.
  5. Try and get some history from the breeder, how long have they been breeding doves and are they a member of any society.

Fantail Doves for Sale

You can be assured our doves for sale have come from a good home.

Well, we hope you will consider us for our doves for sale, if you want more information, please contact us using the contact form.