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Funeral Doves – a memorable sight.

White Funeral Doves release provides a beautiful way of expressing that final journey home and saying your final farewell.

At this sad occasion, Doves with Loves will fully co-ordinate with your funeral director to ensure that your exact needs are met at all times.

Dove Release at Funeral

Funeral Doves Release Options

Single Spirit (1 dove release)

As the ceremony draws to it’s conclusion, for this funeral doves option, a single dove will be released from the chosen decorative basket by either ourselves or a member of the family. A single dove can also be released by hand. This symbolises the loved one embarking on their final journey, as the dove circles above before flying off towards the horizon.

Father, Son and Holy ghost (3 doves release)

The 3 funeral doves are released simultaneously by our representavive or the family. They will fly skywards together. Many families request that they then release a single dove after the initial three to symbolise their loved one and the holy trinity travelling in their journey together.

Loving escort (5 to 50+ doves released)

Doves with Loves will co-ordinate the release of the selected number of doves by family members and ourselves at the conclusion of the ceremony. This funeral doves option symbolises the loved ones left behind assisting the departed spirit on their final journey.

Whilst the above details our range of set funeral doves/memorial doves release packages, Doves with Loves will be happy to discuss any special requirements that you may have in order to achieve the perfect moment for you. Please contact us for further details.

Our Funeral Doves packages are a sincere and beautiful sight to remember.